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Welcome To Episode #1 Risking It All “No More Dreams”2013-02-07_0753

Wanna know the really craziest thing I’ve ever done with my online biz? I’d probably been online for about a year at that point, and thats when I started making some really bad…..decisions.

Like one time, I used all my money in the bank to Join this amazing biz op they said it would revolutionize the world. [Sounds Familiar?] It promised I’d get paid $100’s of dollars
per day doing just one simple thing it was just TOO good to resist. [Now Looking Back, What A Sucker I Was] lol. 🙂

And if that wasn’t hitting the nail on the head they had an awesome driving point …

I was burning through AT LEAST another $200 per month on my debit card buying leads to “recruit” into my biz opp. [leadless Leads] 🙁

I was an idiot a flat out looney toon!

It’s no surprise that a few months down I was headed down the path of being stupid broke.Yes  I said it “Stupid Broke” I don’t even know if there is a word for my -Balances.
[You Know the Feeling?] 🙁

My relationship with my family & Friends..Destroyed! Bridges weren’t just burned, they were destroyed “BLOWN UP”! KABOOM..

My wife would/ or could not even look me in the eyes. …

She was preparing to leave me and her Family thought that I was just a complete Idiot a cartoon character. I had tapped into my 401k plan and was hooked on making this simple system work.. …. [I was Desperate! Ever Been There?] 🙁

I was to blind to see, that if this was a simple system why am I under-broke thats right I was so low beneath broke my Family started calling me…..Under-Broke….. [I felt totally Humiliated] 🙁

I had ran thru roughly $13,000 dollars and made a profit of $5.34 cents.

When my Family/Friends seen me coming…. “WARNING ALARMS” went off and honestly I thought I even heard Sirens! lol 🙂  They basically bolted their doors turned their.. phones off and just shut me off completely.

I had no money and was on the verge of losing My Lovely wife…I was in an endless nightmare and I felt like I was just existing with no.. purpose…I had lost everything that was dear to me and I had no path at that time to guide me to recovery…[have you ever been there?]

and I blamed no one but myself.

How could I have been such an Idiot a sucker a xxo#%&”? The only thing I had was that darn Job that I was working so hard to leave, They Told Me .. I wouldn’t make it ….”on-line” I remembered!! [ever had that happen to you?]

I started believing the nay sayers and I slowly …begin to lose Faith In My Vision My Desires My Dreams ….and started believing this online stuff just isn’t for me..
and as a result…Guess what?

……..I decided to Just work Harder and Harder… for the Company I worked for.. helping them………….grow their business……..and making their Dreams come true, like the
rest of the 92% People In The World……

I Flat Out Conformed… and slowly 1 by 1 put my Dreams My Desires back on my shelves of “Forgotten Dreams”….and just “Un Dreamed Them Back Away” [can you feel the pain? Are You or have You ever been there] 🙁

now that I think back my “Thinkin” was “Stinkin”…. I was in so much debt, I would work 12 + hrs per day…. “Go Hard Or Go Home”……that was my motto to myself…..

I worked so many hrs that I didn’t have time to enjoy anything. My wife hadn’t left
yet…….. …. I guess she figured since the “IDIOT” wasn’t at home she didn’t have to look in my face..

……that is what I was thinking anyway. however after a few months passed working “INSANE OVERTIME” and helping my Company Build Their Dreams..even quicker lol….

Now what Happened Next Almost Pushed My Sanity Over The Edge..
The Decision I was now faced with…… Was Life Or Death……..

Later I will share with you.
Episode 2 Risking It All “Life Or Death”

To Your Abundance


Robert Gafeney
The Legacy Maker….

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