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For many years Donte had harbored a secret dream to start his own online business, but every time he mentioned his idea to his friends, they would immediately highlight all the pitfalls of being a business owner they were just filled with negativity, and advise him to stick with his 9-5 day job because her would only waste a lot of time and fail.

Dealing with negativity| Dare To Dream

One night as Donte was heading home on the train after work, Donte was reading an article in a business magazine that said that one of the most important aspects of achieving your goals in life, to obtain your deepest dreams was to increase the amount of time you spend with positive people, and decrease the amount of time you spend with negative people.

The only problem with this advice for Donte was that the negativity he was dealing with was coming from some of his friends and family. It wasn’t as though he could just suddenly create a whole new circle of family and friends.

As Donte thought about his situation more and more, everyday he came up with a plan a goal to reduce the negativity that was coming from those around him, and increase the level of positive energy in his life. Donte new that this was going to be a challenge however Donte was determined. He told himself honestly what choice do I have if I wan’t to achieve my Goals to make my dreams and desires reality?

here’s what he did…

Dare To Dream Step 1:

First, Donte went into his Facebook News Feed and took a good hard look at what people were sharing. A few of his friends seemed to have a very negative view of the world and on a regular basis complained about the day-to-day issues they were dealing with

While Donte did enjoy catching up with these friends every now and again, he realized he didn’t need to share their thoughts on a daily basis.

Rather than offending people by ‘unfriending’ them, Donte discovered that it was very easy to hide people’s comments so they wouldn’t always appear in his news feed.

Dare To Dream Step 2:

Next Donte asked himself the question,

“If I could get business advice from anyone in the world,
who would I select to be my advisers?”

In answer to this question, Donte wrote down a list of the people he most admired in the world of Online business. This included a number of successful Online Business owners, and several of his favourite authors.

Dare To Dream Step 3: Facebook|Twitter

Donte then jumped onto and and searched for each of the people on his list. To his surprise he discovered that many of them had a Facebook page and a Twitter Feed he thought this is amazing.

Donte clicked the ‘Like’ button on each of their Facebook pages and followed them on Twitter. he also discovered that in Twitter he could group people together into a ‘List’ so he created a new List which he called “How To Succeed Group”

Over time Donte monitored the input from the members of his new Virtual How To Succeed Group. If he didn’t get a lot of value from someone’s feed he ‘unliked’ their Facebook page and ‘unfollowed’ them on Twitter. he also ‘auditioned’ new people to join his How To Succeed Group whenever he came across them.

In this way Donte gradually established a group of ‘virtual mentors’ whose ideas and comments made a big impact on the way he looked at the world.

By reducing the input of some of the more negative people in his life, and setting up his new Virtual How To Succeed Group, Donte’s Facebook News Feed and Twitter Feed took on a whole new look and feel.

Dare To Dream Step 4: How To

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you high”
– Oprah Winfrey

Instead of reading about people’s problems and complaints every morning, he now began his day by catching up on what his more positive friends were up to, as well as reading a few valuable tips and thoughts from his Virtual How To Succeed Group.

This simple change to his Facebook and Twitter feeds had a huge impact on the way Donte felt about starting his online business. The advice and inspiration from his Virtual How To Succeed Group gradually opened his mind to what was possible, and helped him to develop a real sense of belief in himself and his plans.

Today I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the input of the people you are currently connected to via Facebook and Twitter, and ask whether their thoughts and comments are helping you to achieve your most important goals in life.

If not, then consider creating your own Virtual How To Succeed Group by following the 4 simple steps outlined above. You can do this for any area of interest you have whether it’s online business, health and fitness, photography etc.

When you surround yourself with the comments of your up-beat friends, and insights from your Virtual How To Succeed Group, you too will develop a positive attitude and a sense of personal belief that will compel you to take action and help you to make your dreams a reality.

And while I’m fairly new to the Facebook and Twitter scene, I think they provide a real opportunity for us to create a community of like-minded people who are taking action and achieving their dreams all around the world.

To Your Abundance

Your Friends Rob Gafeney

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