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“Negative Conformity Exposed“

From The Author:  YOU are in charge of your own destination, hold a picture in your mind of what is to be what must be and you will create a desire so strong that you will become unstoppable! 

We Live In An Age now of negative conformity meaning that most people across the world don’t believe anymore and have no faith in their own potential. If they are lucky during theseconformity-e1375967186855 economic times…

they have a Job and unfortunately are still broke and everyday it is the same routine day after day—>week after week—>year after year and foremost it remains that way until the day they Die…..

..and it is flat out sad to see people work all their lives and don’t get a chance to enjoy all that FREEDOM has to offer. It seems that 80% + Just exist to make the BILL COLLECTORS “RICH”

..and if they can manage to save a little money some unforeseen situation comes up…..and just snatches that right up.

People are frustrated and Honestly the truth be told “Flat Out Tired Of The Struggle !!”

 Negative Conformity Cycle

Negative Conformity: Most people allow their situation and surroundings to dictate their lives and just go with the flow, or just say it is what it is they conform why?…..

……….because that is what 80% + of the population is doing it’s called Follow The Follower and it becomes a endless cycle that can last generations…… Why does this cycle exist? Because of negative conformity of association, the easiest way to explain this is by the Old saying. “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together”…….

Unfortunately being in the wrong situation or association could be devastating, for the ones stuck in the “Rut” who are flat out tired of the struggle and searching for some light at the end of the tunnel…

The sad thing is That Schools do not teach this lesson you are sent out into the world with no knowledge of negative conformity.Some people are fortunate to associate with someone that has been exposed to change and are drown to their philosophy…………

…..but most people live their whole lives with Blinders on wanting to make a change in their life but don’t know how because of tunnel vision from negative conformity… and “FEAR”I know you are wondering what the heck is Robert talking about “FEAR” please continue below.

Fear Of Change the Unknown.

Fear_Of_Changfear_of_changeeOkay Robert what do YOU mean by Fear Of Change ? “Fear of the unknown”
What I mean by fear of change we get comfortable or better put secure with our current situation and

associations and not realizing that it might be a negative situation due to conformity don’t want to loose that security nor our current associations….

and be labeled as and outcast but just like in AA or NA to change you must change the 3 p’s 1. People 2. Places 3. Things..If you are truly sick and tired of the struggle you are going to have to make some very hard decisions and its true once this is done…

……….you will be traveling to unknown territory and Fear will show it’s ugly face but the key is to take control because YOU are in charge of your own destination! The 1st step to making a change is Attitude…….Please Visit My Next Post Attitude Is Everything…..

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Unfairly Treated

Hello Robert Gafeney Here: I would like to say that I am appalled at how some Management personnel are treating their employee’s. You must realize that it is the employee’s that contribute a large % in keeping the Company running and your success depends on your employee’s and Guess what this is nothing new.

Did you know that most employee’s spend more time at work than with their families? Lets take a closer look your employee wakes up depending on their shift and some have to prepare their family and prepare for work maybe 1hr some longer and depending on how far they have to commute to work, that maybe anywhere from 30min to 1hr+ then they get to work and utilize that same time or more commute back home and wind down so work takes up a very large % of their day.

Did you know that more times than not your Employee is already preparing for a negative atmosphere. Which creates negativity within them. Believe me or not knowingly or not knowingly Management is too blame because they have created this animosity this division by the treatment of their employee’s.

In my opinion this stems from very poor training and lack of realization that in the big scheme of thing we are all there for a purpose whatever that may be which depends on the employees purpose. We all wan’t to work in a stress free, Positive environment. Did you know most Companies these days don’t even have a Mission Statement or if they do it is not known by the employee’s. There is no commonality of Vision no common purpose because of this.

The shocking part is that Management has not figured it out yet 80% of issues in your company is not the equipment, the process the procedure etc. it is human error and instead of trying to focus on the “WHY” Management want’s to put down the hammer as most would say and that only is compounding the issue. “COE’s, PRESIDENTS, Upper Management etc. YOUR EMPLOYEE’S ARE NOT HAPPY” You are their Leader “Your Vision Is Their Vision” It’s Your Job to find out why.

Another thing trending and is a shocker to me and most of my Professional’s Associates is that some Companies Employee right out of college without any internal training Kids to Manage people that have been doing the same Job for 10-20+ years. These Kids don’t understanding the value of tapping into this wealth of knowledge so instead they cause division and indignation.

(These Kids which I call them are just Kids because they have no real life experience) don’t know how to Lead so they run around chest poked out creating animosity and destroying the employee’s morale which directly effects their productivity which results in efficiency losses.

Why because a Large % of them wen’t to school for Engineering not Management (In reality I don’t think a Graduate In Management would make a good Engineer, Doctor, etc. So why would these Corporations think a Graduate in Engineering would make a Good Manager, Heart Surgeon etc.? “Specific Education For Specific Profession’s”)

Who am I, you might ask My credentials are in my Profile (Production Manager, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) I have Trained and Managed Teams most of my Life have been deployed to different Facilities to find the root cause of LOP Loss Of Production, Increased Downtime Scrap etc. and…..

Believe me as I tell you, more then none I have had to re-focus and Lead with “MORALE Issues First” as a Lean Six Sigma Practitioner It is always known that most errors are human so these days you have to factor in the equation disgruntled employee’s (Increased Downtime, Absenteeism etc.) “Now You Get The Picture”

It seems from my research, that a large number of people are looking for a way out by researching the work at home industry in massive numbers. This Industry is growing in staggering amounts and most people I have interviewed hate their jobs or their boss however to me it’s all the same because their Boss is a representative of the Company they both work for.

There is a solution to this epidemic. Note: I have Been doing this a long Time I could go on and on with examples of some Fortune 500 Companies that you would not Believe by just a few simple tweaks would increase their productivity to at least 10-20%.

To All Have A Blessed Day Of Abundance and Remember (Do Onto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.)

Robert Gafeney



How To Succeed In Your Personal Development

GoalsMost everyone strives to be the best that they could be. However, sometimes it is just too hard to get out of habits that have built up throughout a lifetime. If you are someone who is trying to start on the path of personal development, these tips will help you get started and keep going at becoming your personal best.

Pamper yourself, and make sure you do what makes you happy. It can be stress relieving to find things that make you happy and do them for yourself. Even if it’s something simple such as getting your nails done, find time for these things, and do them so you feel better about yourself.

Personal Development Secrets Exposed

When things get hard, don’t give up. On the path of personal development, quitting should never be an option. You need to stick with it all the way until the end. Quitting is the number one reason that people fail. You can not afford to fail yourself, so you need to be 100% committed.

Let’s face it, the world around us moves faster and faster by the day. You can choose to either get caught up in the rat race or you can choose to pace yourself according to your own goals and desires. It can be a rather difficult thing to achieve, but start by thinking of ways to take control.

Stop and take a deep breath! It really works even though it may seem kind of stupid or silly. Focus deeply on each and every breath that you take and you will feel the stress that you are carrying lifted. Learning different breathing techniques may help but it is not required to benefit from breathing.

Personal Development Release The Power

When working on personal development, it is crucial to train yourself to have a high self esteem. Self esteem is an acquired behavior that you can change. Never forget that the power to improve your self esteem comes from within you. The only place to start when working on your self esteem, is to simply decide that you are going to do it. Make the decision that you are going to have high self esteem and accept the power within.

Do not resort to drugs or alcohol in order to make you feel better by yourself. By falling back on these harmful substances, you are just going to make yourself dependent on them and potentially hurt your body. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol, turn to your family and friends.

Getting Help With Your Personal Development

Use other people to help you further your personal development. It can be difficult to succeed on your own and other people can sometimes give you motivation and advice that you can’t give yourself. So, in order to achieve your life goals, make sure you enlist the support of your peers.

As you can see, these tips will really help you on your path of personal development. These tips will help guide you as you face the ups and downs of making the changes you need to make to develop the new and improved you. So do not hold back anymore and just get started.